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Our 2017 Annual Dinner


Our new officers (L to R)

Denise Mizla, Treasurer, Gerry Nagy, Vice Chairman, Sharon McLaughlin, Chairman, & Gerri Lewis, Secretary



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Matt Corey Fundraiser

Grassroots East presented Matt Corey, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate with a check last night, September 17, 2018.  It was a great evening with a wonderful turnout.  Thanks to all who came in support of Matt Corey! 

Special thanks to GRE Board Member Andy Lockwood for all of his work to provide the delicious food. 

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Many Republicans from the 2nd District showed up in support of Matt.  From left to right, Dan Champagne, Doug Dubitsky, Greg Stokes, Matthew Corey, Jennifer Lovett, Kerry Socha and Laura Bush. 

Post-Election Reflections

Post-Election Reflections

Once again, Republican candidates for the state legislature in the Second Congressional did a great job in picking up additional seats which were previously held by Democrats and holding onto our existing seats. I am grateful for the quality of the Republican candidates who took the plunge and ran for seats in the Legislature and for the tremendous amount of hard work that it took for them to win their elections.

The big news is that we are no longer in the minority in the State Senate. We went from a 21-15 Senate to an even split of 18-18. This will impact committee chairmanships and allow our bills to get to the floor for a full Senate vote more easily.

In the lower chamber Republicans have picked up a net increase of 8 seats which reduces the Democrat advantage in the House from 87 – 64 down to 79 -72. They now have a much reduced majority which means that the number of Democrats needed to crossover and vote with the Republicans on a bill is now fewer and gives Republicans much more influence in the General Assembly. This will make it possible to get approval of sensible legislation in the House easier.

The Democrats in the State Senate and State House will now have to debate ideas rather that use their partisan majorities to ram their bills through the Legislature.

Regarding the Presidential race, a lot of people just did not understand the anger that Americans felt at the arrogance of Obama and Clinton. These two felt they knew what was best for the 'less than average American' and were set to shove their version of 'what’s right' down our throats. We were considered deplorables, rednecks and expendable. There was an uprising, not just in Eastern Connecticut, but across the nation that shocked the country as well as the world.

Chair Ed Munster

Connecticut is Broken

Connecticut is broken, ending 1-party rule can help fix it 

By Holly Cheeseman

And so it goes. After the largest and second largest tax increases in Connecticut’s history, the state faces yet more red ink. As the governor and legislature bicker about how to address the increasing shortfalls, revenue continues to fall.

Each day brings a new negative figure and a new desperate cut to address it. State parks and campgrounds close and cut hours, life guards will be at beaches only five days a week. We see employee layoffs, cuts to funding to our towns and schools, cuts to care for the poor, for the mentally ill, for the most vulnerable.

Meanwhile, job losses mount. The state lost 1,400 jobs in May and 1,200 of those were in southeastern Connecticut. Major employers have announced plans to leave or cut jobs — GE, MetLife — is Aetna far behind?

We are told this is the new normal, that Connecticut residents must get used to stagnant growth, declining services, higher taxes. Indeed, despite the assertion that this budget did not increase taxes, the burden has just been passed onto the towns, who are forced to increase property taxes when the state cuts their funding.

The money has to come from somewhere. It comes from the pockets of those Connecticut residents who remain, and that number is shrinking. Each year more of our friends and neighbors pack up and leave and those who stay are forced to watch Connecticut’s version of “Groundhog Day”.

It is time to change. Let’s confront unsupportable state spending and make real structural change. Our neighbor Rhode Island has done it.

Put a moratorium on new state mandates and regulations that saddle towns and businesses with new financial demands and burdens. Insist all new taxes must sunset each year, so legislators must go on the record to continue them. Actually look at which tax incentives work to increase jobs and economic growth and at what price. Look at what other formerly low-growth and business unfriendly states have done to improve their business climate. Ohio went from number 45 in business friendliness to number 10. Florida has rebounded from the recession and the real estate collapse by creating 1 million new jobs.

Above all, change Hartford. Years of one party control in the legislature have brought us to this point. In November, vote for change and send new people with new ideas, new faces, and new energy to save our state.

It is the only hope we have.

Holly Cheeseman is a Republican candidate for the state House of Representatives in the 37th District, serving Waterford and Salem.


Political Billboards to Purchase

Political Billboards Now Available for Order  

GRE has designed three signs which we hope you will display in your town.  This effort is meant to bolster our party's standing on issues of importance in Connecticut.  The signs are being sold for $45 per set of three and includes two wire step stakes for installation The signs are 30” X  48”. 





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Board of Directors Interview

Edward Munster is the Chairman of Grassroots East as well as a Co-Chair of the Haddam RTC, and has served on the Regional District #17 Board of Education and the Haddam Board of Assessment Appeals.  Ed was the State Senator form the 33rd District in 1991-1992 and ran for Congress three times.  The election Ed lost by 21 votes in 1994 was one of the closest Congressional elections in U.S. history.  The strength of Ed's efforts and those of Grassroots East helped propel Rob Simmons to a Republican victory in the 2nd Congressional District in 2000.  Ed's profession was a scientist (statistician) and he worked) for Pfizer, including overseas in Mumbai, India, Sidney, Australia, and Madrid, Spain.  Ed and his wife, Judy, have resided in her family home since 1972.  They are blessed with three sons, three wonderful daughters in law, and five grandchildren.  Ed said that his grandchildren are the light of their lives and they are blessed that their family lives locally.

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