Board of Directors Interview

Edward Munster is the Chairman of Grassroots East as well as a Co-Chair of the Haddam RTC, and has served on the Regional District #17 Board of Education and the Haddam Board of Assessment Appeals.  Ed was the State Senator form the 33rd District in 1991-1992 and ran for Congress three times.  The election Ed lost by 21 votes in 1994 was one of the closest Congressional elections in U.S. history.  The strength of Ed's efforts and those of Grassroots East helped propel Rob Simmons to a Republican victory in the 2nd Congressional District in 2000.  Ed's profession was a scientist (statistician) and he worked) for Pfizer, including overseas in Mumbai, India, Sidney, Australia, and Madrid, Spain.  Ed and his wife, Judy, have resided in her family home since 1972.  They are blessed with three sons, three wonderful daughters in law, and five grandchildren.  Ed said that his grandchildren are the light of their lives and they are blessed that their family lives locally.

In addition to being a member of the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation's Board of Directors, Ed also serves as Treasurer for that board.  The work of the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation is to preserve some of the heritage of our state.  This is the other organization  besides Grassroots East to which Ed devotes much of his time.  Ed also served on the Brainerd Memorial Library Board of Trustees for at least 34 years and often served as President during that time.  He particularly enjoyed that board because the library is an Association Library and not a town entity, so it was another way to give back to the community.  Ed is retired, but never bored.  He likes to engage in physical work at his home on the Connecticut River where he enjoys gardening, building stone walls, as well as cutting and splitting wood.  He occasionally drops a line in the river, but is a catch and release fisherman.

Ed believes that the biggest issue in Connecticut is that the Governor, the State Senate and the State House are all controlled by Democrats.  We need to change at least two of the three to make Connecticut a much better state.  That is his goal!  When asked about his reasons for joining Grassroots East, Ed explained that the national election results of 2010 were so disappointing he emailed several people that he had met on his campaign to meet and discuss what could be done.  Those who were asked to attend all brought friends and 45 people assembled.  Everyone agreed that the former Grassroots East should be reformulated.  A temporary organization began with Ed, Margo Chase-Wells as Secretary, and John Ferrara as Treasurer.  The third meeting was attended by over 200 people from all over the 2nd Congressional District.  That was the beginning of the new Grassroots East. Ed has been the Chair since it was reinstituted in 2010.