Congratulations to Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh

Congratulations to Lori Hopkins Cavanagh our candidate for Congress in the 2nd Congressional District.  Lori won the district convention in May and is not being challenged in a primary.  As a result Lori’s campaign will be receiving the maximum contribution that is possible from Grassroots East at her Vernon headquarters this month to which all are invited.  Details of this event will be announced on our website and via email to our members.   Lori will be facing Democrat Joe Courtney in November.   All are encouraged to contribute to her campaign financially as well as with your grassroots efforts.

In other races from State Representative to Governor, Republicans are fortunate to have great candidates running for office.  In some cases there are primaries between well-qualified Republicans.  You are encouraged to work hard for the candidate of your choice in these primaries because this makes voters generally more aware of our candidates whether or not they can vote in the Republican primary.  It is always important in these primaries to point out why your favored Republican is a better choice than the Democrat opponent they will face in the November election.   Once the primary is over we will need all hands on deck pulling together.  In plain English after the primary is over we need to unite as a team to win in November.