Letter to the Editor


Colchester's long term, entrenched, Democrat state representative, Linda
Orange, could take a lesson from her fellow Democrat, Groton state
representative, Ted Moukawsher. Rep. Moukawsher was the sole Democrat to
vote against the budget presented by Gov. Malloy which provides for $55 tax
refunds. Moukawsher stated simply that sending minimal refunds to state
taxpayers is a poor idea when the State is so deeply in debt and also has a
huge deficit in funding of State Employees' pension obligations. Rep.
Orange, as she almost always does, just went along with the Democrat super
majority on this.

What were she and the Governor thinking? It is going to cost almost two
million dollars just to process and mail the refunds, with the total cost of
doing the refunds running to about 155 million, while each person's tiny
refund is just about enough to pay for a tank of gas.

In this election year, it would be hard to think of a more obvious example
of a scheme to buy votes with the taxpayer's own money. The money for the
refund supposedly comes from a "surplus" in the current year budget, but the
only reason these funds exist is because the State has borrowed the money
(and actually borrowed much more just to pay for day to day operations.)

Tax refund this election year, and then just as Malloy, Orange and the rest
of the Democrat legislators gave us last year (not an election year), a
giant tax increase.

Why not, instead use that 155 million to reduce the shortfall in the State's
pension funding or set the funds aside as a reserve to help cover the
projected billion dollar deficit in next year's budget?

Or, why not, at least, save the cost of processing and mailing refund
checks, by simply giving state taxpayers a credit on this year's taxes?


Joe Broder
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