Post-Election Reflections

Post-Election Reflections

Once again, Republican candidates for the state legislature in the Second Congressional did a great job in picking up additional seats which were previously held by Democrats and holding onto our existing seats. I am grateful for the quality of the Republican candidates who took the plunge and ran for seats in the Legislature and for the tremendous amount of hard work that it took for them to win their elections.

The big news is that we are no longer in the minority in the State Senate. We went from a 21-15 Senate to an even split of 18-18. This will impact committee chairmanships and allow our bills to get to the floor for a full Senate vote more easily.

In the lower chamber Republicans have picked up a net increase of 8 seats which reduces the Democrat advantage in the House from 87 – 64 down to 79 -72. They now have a much reduced majority which means that the number of Democrats needed to crossover and vote with the Republicans on a bill is now fewer and gives Republicans much more influence in the General Assembly. This will make it possible to get approval of sensible legislation in the House easier.

The Democrats in the State Senate and State House will now have to debate ideas rather that use their partisan majorities to ram their bills through the Legislature.

Regarding the Presidential race, a lot of people just did not understand the anger that Americans felt at the arrogance of Obama and Clinton. These two felt they knew what was best for the 'less than average American' and were set to shove their version of 'what’s right' down our throats. We were considered deplorables, rednecks and expendable. There was an uprising, not just in Eastern Connecticut, but across the nation that shocked the country as well as the world.

Chair Ed Munster