Republican Billboards


Our goal is for each RTC to have at least two billboards.  Our cost is $80 per corrugated plastic sign with wooden reinforcement.  To prove how important we think this project is, Grassroots East is investing $7,000 of our own money to subsidize the first two signs.  We will give you the first sign for free (Out-of-Control Spending), and we will charge only $50 for the second sign (gas taxes).  That's as far as our treasury will take us.  You may also purchase signs #3 and #4 at cost: $80 each.  Add this up and you can have all four signs for your town for only $210.  You will have to put them up, but we'll take care of delivery.





August 08, 2014 at 12am - August 31, 2014
Second Congressional District
Gerald Nagy · · 860-429-2973

Which Billboards Would You Like?

$210.00 Billboards 1-4
All Four Billboards

$80.00 Billboard 3
State Debt

$80.00 Billboard 4
Cost of Living

$50.00 Billboards 1 and 2
Spending and Gas

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